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and Riverside County

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Boost Your Home’s Appearance

Are you in the midst of doing some landscaping or a major outdoor project? We have all the materials you need to complete your project and enhance your home's curb appeal.

 •  Sand

 •  3-quarter rocks

 •  Gravel

 •  Plaster sand

 •  Propane

Wide selection of building materials

You can get all your needed materials and homeowner’s equipment from Norco Equipment Rentals. We guarantee that our products and equipment are affordable and of the highest quality.


Does your home improvement project require the use of heavy machinery? We have that too! Call or visit us today for more details!

Your next project starts with Norco

Save time when you choose Norco!


 •  C-mix

 •  DG

 •  Cart-away concrete

 •  And more!

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