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Experience A Smooth Move With A U-Haul

When you’re about to move but can’t afford to hire a moving company, look to us to provide a U-Haul truck. It’s an affordable option for transporting your belongings safely to your new home or apartment!

 •  Partnership with U-Haul

 •  From pickups to 26’ trucks available

 •  Easy to load

 •  Have the most space

 •  Towing capability

 •  Low decks and wide ramps

 •  Affordable

Save time and money with U-Haul

If you’re looking to possibly rent a U-Haul truck, contact U-Haul directly. They will connect you with us to acquire the needed vehicle.


Ask us about our heavy equipment rentals, homeowner's equipment rentals, and more to help make your new house or apartment a home! Call Norco Equipment Rentals today at 951-371-1231 for your FREE quote!

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